Here I am!

I’m assuming you were wondering, because it’s been ages and ages and when did I get so old that I’m so busy all the time? But it’s good busy, productive busy. Happy busy, and work is good and writing is going and I applied to go back to school and I’m all over the Internets for various foodly things, and every so often when I have a moment of quiet, I think about that little restaurant idea I had going on two years ago, and it’s getting closer all the time – I have a little bit of catering work – and except for this weekend when Nick and I had a fight over a Justin Bieber song after karaoke and it was raining and we were both seething as we stomped to the bus stop and furious for some reason neither of us is particularly clear on, almost all thoughts are happy thoughts.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I haven’t forgot about you, wherever you are. Where are you? And how are you? I hope you’re writing.